This is a 1850 point nurgle army. My question is would this army work good and are their any improvements.
Typhus, Warlord (230)
Daemon prince, Masterylevel 3, Power armour, black mace, wings, spell familiar (355)
3x Plaugue marines troops:
5 marines,one specialweapon ( melter), champion (plague knife, chainaxe, combibolter) Veteran of the long war. (195) This applies to all 3 troops
Fast attack:
Helldrake (Hades Autocannon) (170)
heavy support:
Landraider,combi bolter, combimelta, Digre caster, Dozer blade, Havoc launcher, warpflame gargoyles (272)
3x Obliterators with mark of nurgle and veterans of the long war (each 79)