JohnnyHell - DakkaDakka

Some interesting info a friend told me today, from him chatting to Andy Hoare:

- Boxed game to have board tiles as they're cheaper to produce, and be set in a sewer-type environment. Escher and Goliath gangs plus rulebook too, obvs.
- Gangs are being reimagined a little (a la GeneCult) with differences between Houses and fleshed-out background. Goliaths are industrial and have a 'rivet gun'. Escher are chem-specialists and all mix up their own chem weapons - apparently you can see vials on the models. They have some form of chem-thrower Flamer weapon.
- Intending to promote Sector Mechanicus scenery and Zone Mortalis kits for use with Necromunda. Specialist Games couldn't have done scenery but GW coming out with Shadow War made it a possibility.
- He was told that the rules are a tweak of Necromunda. Subsequently surprised to then read from the WHCommunity post that they're 8th-based, as that wasn't intimated by AH.
- Roll to hit and roll to see if ammo test needed apparently now separate. Your dramatic chance hits will no longer always somehow be with your final bullet!
- Models have interchangeable hair, faces and arms. 5-model kit x2 per side. Allows lots of combinations without duplicating poses.

Throw all the salt needed at this but sounds interesting!