1. SunDancer

    Sonstiges SomeDudeOnYouTube macht Sachen

    Moin, Also SomeDudeOnYouTube bin ich und ich mache Sachen. Dienstag Abends streame ich auf über angemalte kleine Plastikmännchen mit Gerry von OnTableTop (ehemals Beasts of War). Nach dem live stream kann man das dann unter auf YouTube sehen...
  2. Warhammer Community

    Warhammer Community Armies on(line) Parade 2020

    Participating in Armies on Parade is an annual tradition for many hobbyists. Typically, you’d build a display board and an army that fits onto it, and bring it to your local Warhammer store to be judged, the winners gaining fame and glory. It’s a fantastic way to show your skills and ... Bei...
  3. Warhammer Community

    Warhammer Community Sunday Preview: Once More Unto the Fortress

    Next week sees the release of the final Blackstone Fortress expansion, plus a whole range of Blackstone Fortress stories from Black Library. Join us as we take a look at next week’s pre-orders but first, here’s the handy highlights package. The post Sunday Preview: Once More Unto the ... Bei...