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  1. Warhammer Community

    Warhammer Community Pre-order Today: Conquer the Blackstone Fortress!

    The moment you’ve been building towards is at hand. Will Janus Draik and his lethal band of misfits succeed in dealing a decisive blow for the Imperium of Mankind, or will all their endeavours be for naught in the face of unknowable evil? The post Pre-order Today: Conquer the Blackstone ...
  2. Warhammer Community

    Warhammer Community Sunday Preview: Once More Unto the Fortress

    Next week sees the release of the final Blackstone Fortress expansion, plus a whole range of Blackstone Fortress stories from Black Library. Join us as we take a look at next week’s pre-orders but first, here’s the handy highlights package. The post Sunday Preview: Once More Unto the ... Bei...
  3. EMMachine

    Warhammer Quest Custom Scenarios Sammelthread

    Hi Leute, da es mit Sicherheit langweilig ist immer nur die im Spiel enthaltenen Scenarios durchzuspielen, möchte ich mal hier einen Thread erschaffen an denen Dungeon Masters und zukünftige Dungeon Masters ihre eigenen Custom Szenarios teilen können. Warmaster hatte ja damals schonmal im...