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    Biete WHU Warbands

    Biete die folgende Banden, noch komplett im Blister inkl. bandenspezifischer Karten (allerdings OHNE die allgemein verwendbaren Karten): Koppknakkas Irrer Mob Elathains Seelenräuber Die Sternblutpirscher Kainans Schnitter Der blutrote Hof Myaris Läuterer Festzug des Grauens Dornen der...
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    Erledigt AOS Khorne, Underworlds, White Dwarf, Slaves, 40k, Runewars

    Age of Sigmar Karanak, OVP 20 € Kriegs-Mumak ohne Sattel und Reiter, sollte ein Chaos Mammut werden 35 € 10 Chaos Warrior umgebaut mit Lanzen der Chaos-Ritter 15 € Chaos Warrior Hellebarden Upgrade, OVP 7 € Chaos Riese / Mancrusher Gargant, teils bemalt 40 € Bücher, Hefte (alle deutsch) AOS...
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    Warhammer Community Pre-order Today: Arena of Death and an Epic Quest

    It’s time to get adventurous, as today, we’re bringing you one of the most famous quests ever written and a brand-new way to play Warhammer Underworlds! Let’s see what’s up for pre-order. Relive the Greatest Quest Fans of the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game are about to be treated to ...
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    Warhammer Community Arena Mortis: New Cards

    Arena Mortis comes with 40 extra cards that can be utilised by every warband. Naturally, these can be taken in addition to any other Upgrades and Gambits you already have, offering loads of new options and combos. Let’s take a look at the Upgrades first. Remember that in Arena Mortis the ...
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    Warhammer Community Choose Wisely – Picking a Winner for Arena Mortis

    With Arena Mortis available to pre-order from Saturday, we’re taking a look at six different fighters and breaking down how they’ll play in the new expansion. Choosing a fighter isn’t as obvious as you might think – the upgrade system levels the playing field somewhat, so tricks and ... Bei...
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    Warhammer Community Sunday Preview: An Arena of Death and an Epic Quest

    Next week, we have some big releases for Warhammer Underworlds and the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game. We also have a range of exciting new books from Black Library. Before we show everything off, let’s check out the highlights. The post Sunday Preview: An Arena of Death and an Epic Quest...
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    Erledigt Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire - Magores Unholde Kartenhüllen

    Hallo! Wie im Betreff schon stehend such ich die Kartenhüllen für Magores Unholde. Wer welche abzugeben hat einfach eine PM an mich. Bieten würde ich Euros.