[GRC Abstimmung] Codex Chaos Space Marines

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Hier die Zusammenstellung aller Regeln, die von den Abgesandten des GRC nicht bemängelt worden sind. Sie werden nun zuerst abgestimmt und bei Annahme in das GRC-FAQ übernommen. (Sämtliche anderen bemängelten Regeln und Ergänzungsvorschläge werden in naher Zukunft nacheinander, teilweise auch parallel diskutiert und anschließend abgestimmt.)
Bitte beachtet, dass die Diskussion um dieses Thema http://www.gw-fanworld.net/showthread.php?t=157910 bereits erfolgt ist, und es sich jetzt nur noch um eine ABSTIMMUNG handelt. INHALTLICHE Diskussionen sind also bitte zu unterlassen. FORMELLE Hinweise (z.B. fehlende Abstimmungsalternativen) können hier aber gerne gepostet werden, damit es nicht zu Verfahrensfehlern kommt.

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Abstimmungsende ist der 6.06.2011.


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3 = Enthaltung

Außerdem suchen wir noch jemanden, der den Text übersetzt. Falls das jemand machen möchte, bitte bei der Abstimmung mit angeben. (Falls sich mehrere melden, darf der, der sich zuerst gemeldet hat)

1. General
1.1 The description in the rulebook for Force Weapons prevails.
1.2 Each spawn created by the Gift of Chaos power forms its own unit in the chaos army which launched the psychic power and is worth a KP.
1.3 Lash of Submission - If an enemy unit is moved by multiple Lashes of Submissions in the same turn then a pinning test will be made for each individual move.
1.4 Lash of submission - If an Independent Character joined to a unit uses Lash of Submission to move an enemy unit into position, the rest of the unit fires at the Lashed unit calculating the range and LOS of the unit’s starting position, since firing is simultaneous.
1.5 Lash of Submission - If a model in a unit has a special rule or wargear allowing him to ignore the effects of psychic powers, the unit will be affected but not said model. Move the models that are affected by Lash of Submission, but keep unit coherency with those that are not affected.
1.6 Lash of submission - Since the power does not affect vehicles, artillery units are unaffected as long as one of the weapons are working. If they all are destroyed, the crew can be Lashed.
1.7 The use of Nurgle’s Rot by a character joined to a unit does not affect his unit’s choice of targets both in the Shooting and Assault phase.
1.8 When under the effect of the psychic power Warptime the model can choose the dices he re-rolls (failed or passed), he doesn’t have to re-roll all of them.

2. HQ
2.1 Summoning - If a Greater Demon possesses a model, it is never lost due to surrounding models or terrain. Push the friendly/enemy models out of the way by the minimum amount needed to place the Daemon model on the table.
2.2 Summoning - A Pinned model may be possessed. If so, the Greater Demon does not count as Pinned.
2.3 An independent character with wings can use a transport because he only moves as Jump Infantry. He takes dangerous terrain tests if he starts/lands in difficult terrain as normal.
2.4 When using a Blissgiver Daemon Weapon a roll of 1 does not inflict Instant Death upon the bearer. Instant Death is only inflicted on an enemy model.
2.5 Only invulnerable saves make be taken from self-inflicted wounds caused by a Daemon Weapon.

3. Elites
3.1 When a Chaos Dreadnought ‘Fire Frenzies, just fire once with double the normal rate of fire. Using smoke launchers to prevent it from firing is not allowed, while they are allowed under Blood Rage.(GW-FAQ)
3.2 Chaos Dreadnoughts on fire frenzy may rotate 360° towards any unit that might be seen, not just those in the Dreadnought's fire arcs before the rotation.

4. Troops

5. Fast Attack

6. Heavy Support
6.1 Defiler knuckles are considered part of its hull as far as measuring distance is concerned.

7. Vehicles
7.1 The Twin-Linked Bolter of a Chaos Rhino has a fire angle of 360°
Für weitere Antworten geschlossen.