[GRC Abstimmung] Codex Sternenreich der Tau

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Hier die Zusammenstellung aller Regeln, die von den Abgesandten des GRC nicht bemängelt worden sind. Sie werden nun zuerst abgestimmt und bei Annahme in das GRC-FAQ übernommen. (Sämtliche anderen bemängelten Regeln und Ergänzungsvorschläge werden in naher Zukunft nacheinander, teilweise auch parallel diskutiert und anschließend abgestimmt.)
Bitte beachtet, dass die Diskussion um dieses Thema http://www.gw-fanworld.net/showthread.php?t=157911 bereits erfolgt ist, und es sich jetzt nur noch um eine ABSTIMMUNG handelt. INHALTLICHE Diskussionen sind also bitte zu unterlassen. FORMELLE Hinweise (z.B. fehlende Abstimmungsalternativen) können hier aber gerne gepostet werden, damit es nicht zu Verfahrensfehlern kommt.

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Abstimmungsende ist der 6.06.2011.


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3 = Enthaltung

1. General
1.1 Tau crisis and stealth suits use the rulebook jetpack rules.
1.2 Drones - Unless attached to a another model, drones are Ld 7.
1.3 Drones - Drones attached to a tau Independent Character do not count as a retinue for KP purpose and form a complex unit to all extents, including hit allocation in close combat.
1.4 -
1.5 Stealths - Intervening stealth units that are protected by ‘Stealth field generator’ provide cover saves to units being shot through them.
1.6 Stealths - Enemies charging a unit with Stealth Field Generators count as ‘assaulting through cover’ even if they didn’t have to take a difficult or dangerous terrain test when assaulting, unless the Stealth unit was already Locked in combat.
1.7 Stealths - A model firing a barrage weapon may always fire at Stealth units, but if it doesn’t successfully ‘spot’ a unit with Stealth Field Generators, it adds an extra D6 for scatter (for a total of 3D6).
1.8 If an Independent Character without a bodyguard takes drones, the unit needs to lose half or more of their starting models to surrender half Victory Points. However, the unit is worth only one total Kill Point if destroyed.
1.9 - A model with a Target Lock is allowed to fire at a different target then the rest of the models in his unit. Anything else is superseded.
1.10 Ignore the reference to a “Target Priority test” for Smart Missile Systems. To benefit from cover, targets must be adjacent to a piece of cover between them and the firers, or inside area terrain.
1.11 If a Tau Battlesuit uses an ‘Ejection System’ the pilot is treated as a wounded version of the same model (with reduced characteristics), so he must be killed to gain the Kill Point and/or full Victory Points.
1.12 Any model touched by the Failsafe Detonator blast is hit.

2. HQ
2.1 -
3. Troops
3.1 Devilfish transports may not be taken as a stand-alone Troops choice without a unit to transport.

4. Fast Attack

5. Heavy Support
5.1 Broadsides within a single unit can take a mix between SMS and plasma rifle.

6. Vehicles
6.1 -
6.2 Drones - Drones attached to a devilfish selected as a dedicated transport for troops do not count as a scoring unit for objective capture purpose. All drones from vehicles may still negate objectives to the enemy, though.
6.3 Drones - The line of sight of vehicle drones is measured from their cradles in the vehicle.
6.4 Seeker Missiles - Enemy non-vehicle models may not use a cover save against Seeker missiles, unless the majority of the models are inside or touching a cover. Enemy vehicles may not use cover saves against a Seeker missile, unless it has a special rule or piece of wargear that confers the “obscured” status on them.
6.5 Flechette Discharger - In a vehicle squadron, as long as at least one vehicle is equipped with Flechette discharger, every enemy model attacking the vehicle squadron will take a single hit on a 4+ roll. Should all the vehicle having “Flechette dischargers” be destroyed, other vehicles in the squadron would no longer benefit from this protection from then on.
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