Erledigt Warhammer 40k Tau Tournament Army Pro-painted and remodelled

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After playing many tournament winnings, I now have to sell my precious Tau Army since time with my newborn Son does not allow me to continue to play actively Warhammer 40k.

Here I am selling my Warhammer 40k Tau Army. The Army displays a competitive rooster of ~2000 points of Tau units for tournament play in the 6th and newer edition of Warhammer 40k. It comes with an original Warhammer 40k battle case with sponge layers specifically cut out for the Army.

Summary of models
24x Firewarrier (Gun sling + 2nd backpack gun)
9x Pathfinder
2x Shield drones (Screw Base)
6x Gun drones (Screw Base)
3x Devilfish (Screw Base, detachable top and drones)
2x Hammerhead (Screw Base, exchangeable turret, detachable and magnetised drones)
3x Piranha (Ball-click base, detachable drones)
1x Forgeworld Crisis Commander Shas’o R’myr’s Battlesuit (magnetised weapons and equipment for all crisis battlesuits)
2x Forgeworld Shas'vre Bodyguard I in XV-89 Crisis Battlesuit (Heavily rebuild jetpack and posture)
1x Crisis Commander (Heavily rebuild jetpack and posture)
3x Crisis Battlesuit (x1 frogeworld head)
3x Frogeworld XV-88 Broadside Battlesuit (shortened railguns)
1x Battle suitcase with foam custom made for the army
11x Big dice
1x Directional dice

Here is a dropbox link to a selection of pictures.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for many many more pictures or if you don't trust the link email me for pictures ([email protected])

I am offering the complete army as a package here first. If I receive enough single unit offers, I will consider selling single units.
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