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ich möchte gerne wissen wer oder was die Zoats sind. Ich hab mal gelesen das sie mal Tyranidenkreaturen waren oder etwas der gleichen waren... oder immer noch sind

Die Zoats sehen so aus:

Ich meine auch gelesen zu haben, das ihr letztes Erscheinen auf irgendeinen Tauplaneten gewesen sei, um mit Tau zu verhandeln (bzw. die Tau wollten mit den Tyras verhandeln
Was ich aber eher für Fan Fiction halte)


Die Zoats stammen aus der Rogue Trader Zeit, der ersten Edition von Warhammer.

Hier ist so ziemlich der komplette Fluf aus dem RT. Bin mal gespannt wer jetzt wieder mit Copyright ankommt.

Zoats - "Zoats are the most common of Tyranid's many specially engineered slave races. Other slave races are little more than animals, mere blobs of protoplasm dedicated to cleaning and maintaining the Hive Fleets they are apart. Even hulking spacecraft which compose the Hive Fleet are in a sense races as they are grown and nurtured from a common, albeit much modified, biological stock. Spacecraft are mindless monstrosities and the vast majority of other slaves are so dedicated t a single purpose it would be inappropriate to think of them as creatures. Zoats, on the other hand, are completely independent living creatures much like their masters.

The Xenobiologers of the Administratum believe Zoats were created purely for combat. Tyranids, being creatures of space, suffer discomfort if they spend too long on a planet. Zoats, however, are stocky animals that feel quite at home in a variety of atmospheric and gravitational condition. Like Tyranids, Zoats are centauroid. Their two rear sets of limbs and are heavily built providing the creatures with its means of locomotion. The front limbs are manipulative organs of great strength and are used to wield a variety of weapons. Unlike Tyranids, Zoats will eat anything though they are largely subsist on a daily diet of three reconstituted protein based woven biscuits called Zoatibix. Zoats are common Hive Fleet inhabitants, often equaling the number of Tyranids themselves.

Although Zoats are a slave race, Zoats occupy important positions throughout the Hive Fleets and individual Zoats can gain great power. Rebellion from Tyranid control is not unknown, but is extremely rare. This is because Tyranids secrete a special slave-hormone which suppresses the Zoats' natural sense of independence. However, renegade Zoats do exist throughout the universe, where they have broken away from the Hive Fleets or have become lost during scouting or exploration missions. Without the inhibiting influence of Tyranids slave-hormone, Zoats are able to develop strong psychic powers. The path of independents Zoat civilization is incredibly diverse, with small groups isolated from each other on widely scattered planets (202 Rogue Trader)."

Und schau mal hier rein. Da werden sie zwar nur mit einen Wort erwähnt, aber besser als nichts :)


Tha Rockwilder

Eine neue Rasse kann nie verkehrt sein. Wenn die Harlekins irgendwann wieder da sind, sollten auch die Zoats wieder erscheinen.

P.S. Gibt es noch mehr "verschollene" Rassen, abgesehen von den Zoats,
Harlekinen und den Genestealers?


moment, genestealer sind ja net verschollen, sie wurden in die Eldararmee integriert. die zoats dürften schwer werden da sie irgendwie vom Fluff her nichz mehr in die Tyraniden armee passen, aber bei GW weiss man nie


Genestealer wurden in die Eldararmee integriert?!?!

Genestealer ist die englische Bezeichnung für Symbionten und die gibt es in der Tyraniden-Armee.
Die Harlequins sind irgendeine Eldar-"Abart" falls du das gemeint hast.

Jaq Draco

Natürlich gibt es noch genug andre Rassen die es damals gab und heute nicht mehr. Hier ein paar Beispiele:

Die (Space) Slann

Die Jokaero

Die Squats



Stimmt die Squats.
Die Plastik Figuren von damals fand ich cool!
Die kriegt man wohl heutzutage nirgends mehr wo her, oder?
(Vielleict alle paar Jahre mal bei Ebay


die jokaero werden immer als Affenähnlich beschrieben, stell dir einfach die "Planet der Affen" Bewohner vor

Wie werden wohl die slann aussehen??? denk daran, wir reden von Gogue trader, vieles gab es dmalas noch garnet, ich denke von den Slann gibt es keine Mini.

und dann die squats, Space Zwerge sagt es am besten, kleine Rocker die auf ihren Trikes in die schlacht rasen, komplett mit Kopftuch. RIP, buddies

Jaq Draco

1mal ganz falsch, 1mal etwas ungenau und 1mal sogar richtig.

Also die Squats sind halt Zwerge. Hatten halt Triker, Exo-Armors (sowas ähnliches wie Termis) und halt Exo-Armors auf Trikes. Dann halt noch normale Squat Infanterie. Die Bewaffnung im Endeffekt so wie bei der imperialen Armee.

Die Jokaero sehen so aus wie Orang Utans. So einfach ist das. Rechts unten ist ein Jokaero.

Die (Space) Slann sind halt Slann. Ich hoffe du kennst die Fantasy Slann. So ähnlich sehen sie auch aus, froschähnlich halt, allerdings nicht so fett. Und ja, es gab Figuren von ihnen. Hier is mal die Seite mit den Minis.

<div class='quotetop'>ZITAT</div>
denk daran, wir reden von Gogue trader, vieles gab es dmalas noch garnet, ich denke von den Slann gibt es keine Mini.[/b]
Damals gab es sicherlich nicht weniger Figuren als Heute, bestimmt sogar mehr. Denn es gab kaum Plastikmodelle. Alles war aus Zinn, fast alles. Und es gab halt Figuren die es heute (leider) nicht mehr gibt bzw. schwer ranzukommen ist.


hat einer fluff von denn slaan alles was ich üba die weiß is das sie schon lange ausgestorben sind und das sie aber die eldar vor slaanesh gewarnt haben(heißt slaanesh deswegen so??)


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Hier noch ein mysteriöses Wesen


Saharduin / Piscean Warrior: What can you say? This guy is up there as not only one of the rarest, but also one of the most desirable of 40k models. He was produced only for a short period in anticipation of the Rogue Trader rulebook release in the original flyer range. The model never made it to the main range and numbers in the low thousands. Add to that he looks pretty cool - 'fish in space' are cool, right? Expect to pay anything up to £80 ($120) for this figure.

Kann jemand auch eine nähere Beschreibung von diesen Saharduin/ Piscean Warrior geben?


@ Khorgor666
Setzen 6

Ein paar kleine Infos zum Thema

zu den Slann:

The Ancient Slann And Their Inheritance

Of all the races in the galaxy the Slann claim to be, and may actually be the
oldest. The days of their bright empire are waning, but still they remain
amongst the most enigmatic creatures of known space. The Slann evolved, matured
and spread throughout the galaxy many hundreds of thousands of years ago.
During the heyday of their empire they discovered and nurtured many primitive
creatures, encouraging the evolutionary process on coutless worlds, eradictaing
or moving dangerous species, and seeding many planets with promising stock. For
millennia they experimented and played with the galaxy, possibly creating many
of the races of modern times in the process. But their empire dwindled, the
pace of their civilisation slowed, and their genetic experiments were largely
abandoned. The Slann retired from an active role in galactic affairs, falling
into a long dream of indolence and introspection. They do not seem to have
suffered from any physical conflict, there are no records of destructive wars
or disasters. Instead their racial motivations appear to have undergone a
sudden and drastic change, so that have lost interest in material conquest and
power. Perhaps the Slann discovered something yet unknown to other races, some
secret of the universe, a spiritual truth or supreme mystical insight. In the
realms of psychic-philosophy and mystic-technology the Slann certainly have no
equals, fulfilling themselves by study of spiritual life-forces and secret
powers of other realities.


Pic aus dem GW 87 Flyer

The Slann originally evolved from amphibian stock, and even today traces of
their ancestry are not hard to distinguish. Their hands and feet are long and
webbed, their skins cool and moist, their heads large with protruding eyes.
They are quite at home in the water, and are capable of breathing oxygen from
water (or other poorly oxygenated atmospheres) directly through their skin.
Slann vary in colour a great deal - green and blue are common, yellow is fairly
well represented, and there is a scattering of other, rarer colour morphs as
well as albino and melanistic forms. Brightly pigmented Slann are often
extrovert, talented or especially noteworthy in some way. Skins are sometimes
mottled, striped or otherwise marked. On some Slann worlds, and especially
among primitive Slann, these markings represent tribal divisions. Height is
fairly constant, with adult Slann reaching 2 metres, females are slightly
larger and bulkier.

The Slann inhabit an area to the north of the galactic pole, living upon a
number of proximate, prosperous worlds. The society remains closed to other
races, but appears to be homogenous throughout, with a similar technical base,
language and culture on each planet. Exceptionally, groups of Slann live as
primitive savages on a number of worlds beyond Slann space, including planets
of the Imperium. Strangely enough, these primitve Slann are scattered throughout
the galaxy, and probably comprise the remnants of what was once a much larger
pattern of Slann settlement. These primitives have little or no contact with
their technologically advanced kin. The Slann are a curious people, rarely
trading with other races and unpredictable when dealing with territorial
disputes or any form of rivalry. There is little that the Slann want or need,
and traders often get the feeling that they are being watched and studied, and
that the exchange of goods is of no importance to the Slann.


Slann warriors are called braves, and a number of braves plus a leader makes up
a warband. The number of warriors in a band varies, but is usually between 6
and 8, although it can vary between 2 and 12. A senior officer called a
warleader commands a group of warbands. Where armies are large large it will
have many warleaders, all of whom will meet before a battle to make plans and
exchange ideas with experienced warleaders, chiefs and mages. The warleader in
overall charge is the warchief - selected from and by the other warleaders. The
greatest and most respected individuals in Slann society are the Great Mages.
Their aid would be sought in battle, for their knowledge of magic, philosophy
and the arcane sciences are formidable. The Great Mages remain aloof from
society, although their advice is constantly sought by the social leaders.
Slann society is tribal, and the leader of each tribe is known as the Mage
Chief. Except among primitive Slann, tribes never fight each other and tribal
relations are peaceful. A schematic diagram of Slann society is reproduced

1. Great Mages
2. Mage Chiefs and other social leaders
3. Warchiefs
4. Warleaders
5. Warband
Leader & Braves

The concept of the the warband is important to the Slann attitude to life.
Every Slann is expected to live its life according to a strange, mystic and
largely unfathomable ritual, as part of which the individual passes through
life-stages. The calling to a life-stage would seem a real and almost
unstoppable thing to a Slann, and can happen at any time, so that a peaceful
technician may become a wanderer, a warrior, a hermit, etc. Once a Slann feels
the call to become a warrior it joins one of its tribe's warbands, or forms a
warband of its own. Because of this unpredictable recruiting method, warbands
change all the time.

From Rogue Trader Page 194



The Jokaero are a fascinating race. For one thing, no outsider has ever decided whether they are intelligent. They are certainly capable of tremendous feats of engineering, construction and problem solving, yet they have no language, culture, or motivation higher than survival. Their physical appearance is of a heavy, orange-furred ape, similar to the orang-utang which roamed ancient Earth. This may or may not be coincidence, for it is an established fact that the Slann created and modified many races at the dawn of time, and appear to have visited the Earth on numerous occasions. The most amazing thing about the Jokaero is their technical brilliance - they appear to have an innate, genetically structured understanding of technology. Given sufficient pieces of battered machinery, a group of Jokaero can make almost anything, from a spaceship to a las-cannon. Their comprehension of astro-physics is baffling; they seem able to tap power-currents which flow imperceptibly through the galaxy.

Their understanding of such matters goes far beyond that of even the most advanced of other known races, with the possible exception of the Great Mages of the Slann. Jokaero spacecrafts are a case in point. A Jokaero spacecraft looks like no other form of space transport, consisting entirely of an open framed lattice structure, forming a unique polyhedral shape.
This structure draws energy from galactic power-currents simply by virtue of its shape, in a similar way to which weapons channel psychic energy by virtue of their spiral patterns. Jokaero spacecraft move, manoeuvre, and transcend warp-space by means of making physical changes t the ship's shape, thereby altering the craft's relationship to the universal powers it employs and modifying its place in the natural galactic order.

Jokaero live in large family groups, roaming the galaxy at random, concentrating on survival. They frequently land on inhabited worlds, usually to scavenge for oddments or specific components they require. If necessary they will band together and attack other creatures in order to gain what they need. Because of their extraordinary talents, they use weapons and equipment and tactics in a similar way to intelligent creatures, and are capable of mounting coordinated and complex attacks. Usually they will single out a lone station, a farmstead or a distant mining ship as their target, attacking, looting and making good their escape before they attract retaliatory action. It is impossible to argue or even reason with a Jokaero. Even giving them what they want is difficult, scince they are incapable of communicating.

If the Jokaero could be controlled they would be very useful to other races. However, this has proved largely impossible. They tend to build things which meet their own immediate needs. Attempts at capturing Jokaero and compelling them to work can have disastrous effects - they build things with which to escape.

Rogue Trader S.197


The origin of these creatures, known to humanity only as Enslavers,
is a complete mystery. Their ability to transcend normal space enables
them to move easily throughout the galaxy and perhaps beyond. They
have physical bodies, although unlike any other known life form.
Enslavers are basicially spheroid or barrel shaped, approximately 2
metres tall, with tough leathery skin. At the very top of their bodies
is a single large sensory organ sometimes called an eye, although its
exact function can only be guessed at. Around the top of the creature's
body is a cluster of tentacles, typically from 8 to 12, each about l'/i
metres long, often two of these tentacles are longer than the others
and end in suckered pads. These tentacles function as both sensory
and manipulative organs. Enslavers have no legs but move by floating,
sometimes assisted by their tentacles for fast or precise movement.
They can move quite rapidly by this means and can change direction
and speed in a way comparable to humans and other more orthadox
creatures. Enslavers will float at up to 3 metres above the ground or
floor surface, but cannot fly as such. They can climb using their
tentacles. Enslavers can change their colour at will, but the normal
colouration is a leathery brown with paler, sometimes white, tentacles.
The eye organ is red, orange or pinkish.


In human terms it is impossible to say whether Enslavers are
intelligent. They certainly act in a rational manner, and seem able
to make reasonable decisions about their actions. However, if they
are able to communicate with other races they make no attempt to
do so, and they use no tools or equipment of any kind. Even though
they may theoretically be physically capable of using weapons, they
never do. Manual work is conducted by their slaves, it being their
ability to enslave other creatures that gives them their name. These
creatures enslave other races by mental control, each Enslaver can
take over and control the minds of up to 10 other creatures. Victims
retain all of their knowledge, abilities and physical attributes, but are
directed by the will of their Enslaver. This mind control ability has
a range of up to 50 metres.

Enslavers travel through warp space by utilising the psychic
vibrations of other creatures. As usual, the strengest and most easily
tracked psychic emanations come from unprotected human psykers.
Enslavers can detect such Vibration from tens of light years distance,
and can home in to and exploit unprotected psykers in a particularly
gruesome way. Once they have traced a victim, three Enslavers band
together to form a mental bond. The victim may be unaware of this
at fast, but gradual changes are forced upon his body chemistry, he
becomes tired and lethargic and his skin begins to discolour. After
a period of 50-75 hours the victim swells as his body tissues
disintegrate and reform into the shape of a living, pulsing gate of
ruptured flesh. This is the end oft he victim to all intents and purposes,
he has been transformed into a special form of warp gate, a physical
link through warp space between the pysker's world and that of the
Enslavers. Because the gate has been formed by three specific
Enslavers, only they may use it, although they are unrestricted and
may enter and exit as they wish.

Once on a world Enslavers can create more warp gates from any
psyker that they enslave - even protected psykers such as Astropaths.
These new warp gates are identical in appearance to the original one,
and willl permit the passage of three more Enslavers. As before, the
new portal will permit only the passage of a specific three Enslavers.
The three Enslavers permitted to use a warp gate may include creatures
already on the planet's surface, such as its creator. Clearly, once it
has begun, an infiltration of these creatures is very difficult to halt.
Enslavers are incapable of using weapons or tools, but they have
a natural weapon in the form of a psychic shock. This has a range
of 50 metres. Normally, however, Enslavers remain hidden and let
their slaves do their fighting.

Enslavers are a remarkably uniform race, and it is doubtful whether
individuals ever attain any significant advance on their Characteristics.

(From Rogue Trader)




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Ich glaub ich brauch ne Zeitmaschine die Modelle damals waren richtig BILLIG
60 pence für ne Figur... wenn man die Preise heute anschaut

oh gott oh gott... was hätte ich damals alles für Sachen kaufen können...

Jaq Draco

Jop, die damaligen Preise waren echt noch fantabulös.

1. Nein Slaanesh heißt nicht deshalb so.
2. Heißen sie Slann nicht Slaan.