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    Looking to buy the 2012 Games Day chapbook "Die Toten zu Ehren"

    As this seems to be a site with a large number of German speakers I thought it would be the best place to ask. I am looking for a copy of a chapbook from the German 2012 Games Day. Specifically it contained the story "Die Toten zu Ehren". I have not been able to find it for sale anywhere on the...
  2. Warhammer Community

    Warhammer Community Sunday Preview – Crusading Into the Nexus and Tactical Terrain

    Get ready to take your battles Beyond the Veil with the new Warhammer 40,000 Mission Pack. There are also a host of terrain kits to make your battlefields feel embedded in the grim darkness of the far future, plus hot new releases from Forge World and Black Library. Let’s take a look at this ...
  3. olsch

    Diskussion- White Dwarf (2020) - Das ultimative Warhammer-Magazin

    März Preview ist Online: Edit: Link korrigiert.
  4. Warhammer Community

    Warhammer Community Sunday Preview: Once More Unto the Fortress

    Next week sees the release of the final Blackstone Fortress expansion, plus a whole range of Blackstone Fortress stories from Black Library. Join us as we take a look at next week’s pre-orders but first, here’s the handy highlights package. The post Sunday Preview: Once More Unto the ... Bei...
  5. Warhammer Community

    Warhammer Community No Good Men, Just Great Books

    With this week’s pre-orders, you can take your return trip to Varangantua, enjoy a tour of the Mortal Realms, and explore divisions within both the Imperium and the T’au Empire. Let’s take a closer look. No Good Men is the first short story anthology in the Warhammer Crime range. Within ...
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    Liste aller Regeln

    Moin, ich bin auf der Suche nach einer Liste mit allen aktuellen Regeln. Also alles, was einem bei unbeschränkten Spielen so begegnen könnte. Dabei fielen mir außerdem ein paar Fragen ein: Wie lange sind welche Regeln gültig? White Dwarf, 10 Jahre alte Erweiterungsbüchern, Beispiele gibt es...