40k [Epic 40k] Ein Projekt von epischem Ausmaß: Tau Armee in 6mm

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It's more than 20 years since my mates and I got into the whole tabletop gaming hobby. We started with Warhammer 40,000 (which we still play today), got into Battletech, Necromunda, Blood Bowl, Force On Force, Modern Combat and many others. Most of them we still play from time to time.

The latest game we have decided to build forces for is Epic 40k. Although no longer produced and not supported by GW any longer, it has a huge and living web community that stepped up and took the place that GW left behind when they decided to drop all Specialist Games.

Finding miniatures also wasn't that hard since there is plenty of second hand stuff to be found and a growing amount of little companies that supply some really nice looking 6mm Sci-Fi stuff that can be used as a Epic "look-alike" model.

With that in mind I was aiming for a TAU army. What is shown on the pics is a mix of original Forgeworld Epic TAU miniatures and some Onslaught Miniatures "Okami Technocracy Combine" troops. They mix together quite well I'd say.


The begin of yet another project: 6mm TAU for Epic 40k


Onlaught Miniatures: to the left what is going to be my Shas'O Crisis Commander and a stand with a Battlesuit team to its right. I really love those - they are perfect Tau look-alikes.


FW Tau Ethreal with shield drones and flanked with Onslaught miniatures' troopers that are going to be my Fire Warrior Cadre.


Forgeworld's "Piranha" light skimmer.


Forgeworld "Tetra" recon speeders.


Perfect miniatures to be used as "Devilfish" APC.

Not shown in the pictures are my Air Caste Support Formations (Barracuda, Tigershark AX-10 and Orca). I have ordered even more infantry, tanks and some stealth suits to further enhance my forces. This is going to be a side project but I might already take them (primer only as they are) with me for a game within the next two weeks. If I do, I promise to take some pictures.



Wow, das sieht richtig schön aus. Sag mal, könntest Du vielleicht ein Foto von den Kampfanzügen im Vergleich mit einer 25mm-Figur machen. Ich hätte da so Ideen für Full Thrust oder als 10mm SiFi (neben Mechs!!!) ... Danke, das wäre sehr nett! :D

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Wow, das sieht richtig schön aus. Sag mal, könntest Du vielleicht ein Foto von den Kampfanzügen im Vergleich mit einer 25mm-Figur machen. Ich hätte da so Ideen für Full Thrust oder als 10mm SiFi (neben Mechs!!!) ... Danke, das wäre sehr nett! :D

Mach ich die Woche mal. Kein Thema.


The Air Caste is lending its support to my Firewarrior ground units:


Manta, Tigershark AX-10, Barracuda Fighters and Orca Dropship

More air units are going to be purchased soon, I just need to get paid for this month first ;-)


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@Isamu: Bild kommt noch, versprochen!

Have mercy regarding my skills, please... :lol:
So, here they are: my first ever painted 6mm miniatures. Six bases of Tau Firewarriors, using proxy models by Onlsaught Miniatures and a Forgeworld Ethereal (+drones) upgrade.


Ethereal and shield drones


I have added some flock to create little bushes.


Start of my infantry forces for Epic Armageddon.


Their transport tanks are going to be next in line for painting.

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@monsterausdemloch: und was spricht dagegen? Gibt doch die Regeln for free und die Minis gebraucht für nen Apfel und ein Ei bei der Bucht.

After real life has taking its toll over the last couple of days, progress was rather small. Nonetheless, core formation #1 has been finished by now, with painting its transport tanks.

Again, these are models by Onslaught Miniatures which will "count as" Devilsfish transports.


The core formation of "Firewarriors".


I have raised the whole tank (which is a skimmer) with stripes of plastic card.


Not sure if the large recesses on the side panels are supposed to be windows but I decided to paint them as such.


Even the rear ramps have vision slits.


I didn't go with camo on those transports but I was thinking about adding some to the battle tanks that share the same chassis.

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"Crisis" battle suit team


First test piece for my battle suit teams

Ok, taking the time that passed since my last post, others would by now probably have finished the entire formation or more. :rolleyes:

But spare time to paint is something that I would really need more of. This is my first test piece of a unit of "Crisis" battle suits, again produced by Onslaught Miniatures.

What do you guys think?

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After way too much time since the last post here is the completed Crisis Suit Cadre:


5 units of Battle Suits, one upgrade to a Shas'el Commander (for a total of six), Shas'O Supreme Commander up front.


Shas'O (haven't come up with a good name yet - any suggestions?)


The whole units is made with Onslaught Miniatures, except the two commander's shield drones which are Forgeworld's.


The Tau lettering on the back banners is made with parts from old WH40K decals sheets.


I probably spent too much time on these tiny figures, but I am always satisfied when it paid off ;-)


The amount of detail that Onslaught has put on the miniatures is just stunning. I love them.


The Shas'el Commander, leading the Battle Suit Cadre.


Given the close combat weapon that he was modelled with, it probably also could be used for Commander Farsight - but I have no intentions to do so.

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Ich bin noch am Leben. Einige WIP Fotos von meinen Forgeworld Tetra Speedern. Sind aber noch nicht fertig. Müssen noch Squad-Markierungen drauf, finale Highlights und die Sensorik muss noch bepinselt werden.



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"The Piranha is a lightly armoured vehicle used by the Tau in a range of capacities, including rapid response, support of pathfinder teams and even as battlefield transport for high-ranking dignitaries."

Those are Forgeworld's (unfortunately OOP) Epic 40k Piranhas. I just finished nine of them :)






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Nachdem ich zuletzt ewig Blau (Kultisten) bemalt habe und mich auch an Rot (Space Hulk Termis) satt gesehen habe, bin ich an meine Epic-Sachen zurückgekehrt. Das Orca Dropship war ursprünglich von Forgeworld verfügbar. Bei dem hier wäre ich fast irre geworden. Das Resin bröselig wie sonstwas und trotz Greenstuff hier und dort sieht das Ding immer noch grausam aus. Bin auch mit dem bemaltem Standard nicht wirklich zufrieden aber für 6mm wird es reichen.