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Hier die Zusammenstellung aller Regeln, die von den Abgesandten des GRC nicht bemängelt worden sind. Sie werden nun zuerst abgestimmt und bei Annahme in das GRC-FAQ übernommen. (Sämtliche anderen bemängelten Regeln und Ergänzungsvorschläge werden in naher Zukunft nacheinander, teilweise auch parallel diskutiert und anschließend abgestimmt.)
Bitte beachtet, dass die Diskussion um dieses Thema http://www.gw-fanworld.net/showthread.php?t=157908 bereits erfolgt ist, und es sich jetzt nur noch um eine ABSTIMMUNG handelt. INHALTLICHE Diskussionen sind also bitte zu unterlassen. FORMELLE Hinweise (z.B. fehlende Abstimmungsalternativen) können hier aber gerne gepostet werden, damit es nicht zu Verfahrensfehlern kommt.

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Abstimmungsende ist der 6.07.2011.


1 = JA
2 = NEIN
3 = Enthaltung

1. General
1.1 Eldar jetbikes cannot use their special assault move after a turboboost.
1.2 Singing spear can be used in hand to hand after having been used in shooting.

2. HQ
2.1 Autarch must decide wheter he uses reserves bonus in a given turn before dice rolls are made.
2.2 Autarch on a Jet bike carrying a Reaper Launcher may move-fire-move/assault.
2.3 Avatar is immune to Flamestrom Cannon (and all other flame weapons that use template).
2.4 Warlock squad is not a retinue.
2.5 Psychic Powers - The penetration value of the eldar psychic power "Eldritch Storm" is not halved when the center of the blast marker is outside vehicle. The power doesn't scatter.
2.6 Psychic Powers - Enhance initiative bonus counts toward sweeping advance.
2.7 Psychic Powers - Farseer on a jetbike can't use a psychic power at the start of the turn (like ‘Fortune’) on the same turn he turbo-boosts, as a turbo-boosting model may perform no voluntary actions.
2.8 Psychic Powers - If a Farseer casts Fortune on a unit that he has joined at the start of the turn and then decides to leave the unit in the Movement Phase, the Fortune remains on the unit it was originally cast on.
2.9 Psychic Powers - Fortune allows vehicle to re-roll cover save.
2.10 Psychic Powers - If a Farseer that joined a unit attempts to use the Mind War, he must pick the model of the target chosen by the rest of the unit. Farseer may only declare an assault against the enemy unit that contains (or contained) target of the Mind War. Mind War may target Independent Character that joined another unit.
2.11 Psychic Powers - Warlock Powers and Veil of Tears cannot be nullified or cancelled by the Psychic Hood or the Runic Staff.2.12 Runes of Warding cause a Peril of the Warp if two dices (out of the 3 rolled) are equal to '1'.

3. Elites
3.1 Banshees only benefit from their mask when it is their first round of any particular combat.
3.2 Veil of Tears - Veil of Tears may not be used against a Swooping Hawk Grenade Pack or an Ork Bigbomm attack.
3.3 Veil of Tears - Acute Senses don't work against Veil of Tears.
3.4 Veil of Tears - You can kill more models than there are in the “spotting distance” rolled for Veil of Tears as long as at least one model is within it.
3.5 Veil of Tears - Intervening Harlequins that are protected by Veil of Tears’provide cover saves to units being shot through them.
3.6 Scorpion Chainsword’s +1S bonus cannot be combined with a Powerfist attack.
3.7 -

4. Troops
4.1 Ranger Long Rifles that roll '6' to hit (5+ in case of pathfinders) gain AP1 regardless of the Rending rule.

5. Fast Attack
5.1 The Grenades Pack's scatter is not reduced by the firer’s BS. Cover and vehicle armor facings are determined like a barrage weapon (from the center hole of the blast). A Grenade Pack is not a shooting attack per se, so is not affected by Night Fighting, and does not affect the Hawks’ choice of target in the subsequent shooting and/or assault phase. For the grenade packs to work, the unit must have used Deep Strike that turn, so the Deep Strike would be resolved first. The Swooping Hawk unit doesn't use its Grenade Pack if it suffers a Deep Strike mishap that destroys the unit or places it back into Reserves.
5.2 Shining Spears count as having Eldar Jetbikes.
5.3 Warp Spiders have to take a dangerous terrain test if their 2D6" assault phase move takes them into difficult terrain. They can use their special warp jum generator assault move only in their turn.

6. Heavy Support
6.1 To contribute prism cannon any part of the other Fire Prism's turret hull (excluding antenna) or prism canon have to be seen.
6.2 Cover saves may be taken against Vibro Cannon shots. Vibro-canon batteries cause only one glancing hit on units with armor values. Enemy artillery unit suffers D6 hits which are randomized as normal. Any vibro cannon hit that strikes an artillery unit gun model destroys it. Vibrocanons do not require LOS to their target.

7. Vehicles
7.1 Star Engines may be used on the same turn vehicle performs tank skock/ram, provided it hasn't suffered damage preventing it from moving.
7.2 Vyper Squadron - The twin-linked Shuriken Catapults are hull-mounted and the other weapon is turret-mounted
7.3 Falcon - The twin-linked Shuriken Catapults have a 360° arc of fire. Both other weapons are turret-mounted
7.4 Fire Prism - he twin-linked Shuriken Catapults have a 360° arc of fire. The Prism Cannon is turret-mounted
7.5 Wave Serpent - he twin-linked Shuriken Catapults have a 360° arc of fire. The other weapon is turret-mounted
7.6 Ramming and tank shock are performed in the movement phase. Star Engines cannot be used to perform ramming or tank shock, and they have no impact on the strength calculation as they are used in the shooting phase.
7.7 When a tank uses its Star Engines to return to its initial position or to shorten the actual movement distance, use the highest speed used either in the movement or the shooting phase, but not both.
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