26 November 2005
Mythic Games suchen auf KS Geld für ihr Brettspiel Anastyr:

Anastyr is a cooperative board game for 1 to 4 players, who embody powerful and valiant heroes set out to save the world threatened by the Queen of Dragons. The ultra-dynamic game mechanics that allow overpowering combos, tile scrolling and fighting on all kinds of mounts are freely inspired by beat 'em up type video games. The incredible art of this barbaric and primitive universe imagined by famous artist Paolo Parente is brought to life thanks to spectacular and ultra-detailed miniatures, some of them magnetic.


Das mit den magnetisierten Reittieren und Helden finde ich gant nett.
Man sollte aber auch wissen das Mythic noch einige KS Projekte in verschiedenen Stadien der Fertigstellung hat.