Noch ein Neues Spartan System


Bei Terrain Kickstarter noch ein neues Spielsystem vorgestellt:
Ein "Fantasy" Skirmischer.

As promised, we've made available a host of exciting add ons with a Greek mythology theme.
Temple of Hades Pack (please add £30 to your pledge level) - 15 stunning 40mm miniatures, MDF tokens and a PDF of the Death or Glory Rulebook. Shield transfers not included. Skeleton poses vary and are supplied with a random assortment of shields.
Trio of Heroes (please add £15 to your pledge level)
Trio of Monsters (please add £18 to your pledge level)
Skeletal Horde (please add £30 to your pledge level)
2 Scorpions (please add £30 to your pledge level) - approx 125mm long and almost as high, these giant scorpions are not to be messed with!
We've also made a new artwork option available. Whatever pledge level you opt for, you may now choose Temple of Hades artwork instead of Fantasy, Sci-Fi or WWII. If you want one of the original themes in addition to Temple of Hades artwork, you can opt for the Bronze Artwork Pack add on and choose Temple of Hades artwork. Remember you don't need to specify which options you require now - we will get that information from you in a survey after the Kickstarter has ended.
[h=1]What is Death or Glory?[/h]The idea behind Death or Glory, or DoG for short, is fairly simple: create a set of skirmish rules that are quick to play, fun, colourful, different and provide a gaming experience that allows Legends and Heroes to be just that! We wanted to play games featuring mythical warriors such as Perseus, Hercules, Achilles and other Greek Heroes, but beyond that the game engine had to embrace many, many genres. One engine to learn – a myriad of tabletop options. Achilles one week, Robin Hood the next or maybe an Elven Warrior the next.
The focus of development was therefore to create rules that favoured the heroes and legends of past centuries at the expense of the common warrior. To make such heroes and legends quite literally deadly on the tabletop. BUT - and this is a big BUT - they are not unbeatable. If you charge a hero into a unit of enemy warriors on his own, with no support or strategy, it’s going to hurt - or could even be fatal! But use him as he should be - a heroic fighter - and he will carve his away around a battlefield, just as these inspiring characters do in the movies.
The idea is to use DoG to re-enact scenes from a movie, book or graphic novel, or make up your own encounters using lots of models. Whether you have Leonidas cutting a path through Persian Immortals to save an injured companion, or Jason trying to fight his way through skeletons to the safety of his ship, DoG is perfect for recreating such encounters.
Our first set of rules and statistics fit in the Greek world, where we start with the mythological world of heroes and monsters like Perseus, Herakles, Cyclops, Minotaur, Aeetes, Medusa and so on. Names of characters that invoke exciting ideas of recreating those pivotal moments in movies as the hero (or villain!?) wins the day. We look forward to seeing your adventures and hearing about your heroic adventures in the world of Death or Glory!



Sigmars Bibliothekar
Super Moderator
Irgendwie kommt es mir bekannt vor.

Beim Fantasyladen hab ich mal Miniaturen gesehen von einem Spiel namens "Heroes of Myth and Legend". Mir war gar nicht gleich aufgefallen dass bei den Bildern das Spartan Games Logo drauf war (vermute mal stark, dass das System aus einem ähnlichen Zeitraum wie Uncharted Seas war). Die Figuren sind aber inzwischen im Restebereich gelandet also war das System nicht wirklich gut gelaufen.

Auf der anderen Seite macht ein Griechenskirmisch bei Spartan Games durchaus sinn, da die Griechen ja die Spartaner waren.
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Mehr als ein paar interessante proxies sehe ich da nicht als potenzial. Wenigstens ist es ein kickstarter, so daß spartan nicht zu viel geld rauswirft.