Dreadball 2nd Edition


Hab gerade ine Mail bekommen das am 22.7 der KS zu Dreadball 2nd Edition startet.
What is DreadBall?
"NO! Not possible! Not possible! Last ditch, bone-crunching slam from Rikkit and Partenza's in a heap, his body mangled! And there's blood on the pitch yet again from a Trontek Player. This is carnage Jim!"

DreadBall is the futuristic sports board game for 2 players. Take on the role of head coach and attempt to outscore your opponent by playing in one-off exhibition matches or galaxy-spanning leagues that showcase your grasp of strategy and tactics.

Whether you're new to the world of futuristic sport or a seasoned veteran, with 2nd Edition you can expect:
  • Fast Sports Action: Play against your opponent using updated rules that improve the speed and simplicity of the game.
  • Match-ready right out of the box: No assembly required, just pick up and play.
  • Competitive, Balanced Teams: Including new additions like the Yndij and Sports Robots.
  • The Pitch of the Future: an all-new design with larger hexes – for bigger and better games!
  • Advanced League System: Compete against your friends using a brand new sets of League rules that will advance your players and resources.
  • Beyond the Boxed Game: Choose from over 25 Teams, Team Captains, Giants and MVPs as you assemble your own galaxy-conquering All-Star DreadBall team.
DreadBall Goes Into Close Season
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Why Kickstarter?
DreadBall 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Edition will enable you to play exciting pick-up games and unlock epic leagues that will be talked about by your gaming group for years to come. Our plan is that it’ll let you enjoy the galaxy’s greatest sport whilst reinvigorating the DreadBall scene for the vets, and bring in a host of new players.

DreadBall 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Edition will be spearheaded by a new boxed game, which will include the new rules and two new teams. The tooling and production of this will be funded by a simple, short Kickstarter launching on the 22nd July, which also builds awareness of its retail launch in 2017. If you take part you’ll get updated rules for every team and Dreadball Ultimate.
First Drafts of the Yndij Team
Before anyone gets worried about all their beautiful teams getting discontinued – the focus is on the rules and balance – and while we will add a couple of new teams to the core game (which will come as 1 piece figures to open the game up to a wider market) all the teams will be valid with the next edition. We just want to sort out the rules, make those improvements and get it growing all over again.

We hope that you’ll join us for a new season of the galaxy’s greatest sport. The Kickstarter goes live Friday 22[SUP]nd[/SUP] July at 1:30pm (GMT), and closes at midnight (GMT) Sunday 7th August.

Hier kann man auch noch was dazu lesen. Ich persönlich bin mal gespannt was da so kommt.