Tuomas Pirinen - 20 Jahre Mortheim [Vortrag]


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Tuomas Pirinen, Brutal Deluxe Game Design
48 mins ·
Here is the presentation I gave on the 20 year history of Mordheim yesterday at Ropecon in Helsinki. It really is meant to be presented rather than read, but at the very least the final big story reveal of Mordheim which I've kept under wraps for 20 years is in there for the long-term fans!

I will post the video once it is available.

Er lüftet das letzte Geheimnis

19. And the final secret is... ‐ There were TWO creatures who came with the comet • Shadowlord, the Avatar of Chaos • Child of Light, the Avatar of Sigmar • So the Sisters were in the right, after all!
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